Cloud Robotics

Robotic Simulation using Game Engines and ROS

You would be working on modelling Autonomous Mobile Robots as well as robotic arms in situations like warehouses and factory floors. A stretch milestone would involve working with Rapyuta Robotics and simulating robot coordination between multiple robots in a simulation setting.

Responsibilities – As part of this project, the aim is to explore how we could tie the ROS + Simulations world with the Game Engine world. The learning opportunity here is in diving into two engineering specialities of robotics as well as game development.

Qualifications – Preferred bachelors/masters in computer Science.

Key skills

C++/C# experience along with exposure to python.

Prior experience with ROS and/or Robotics preferred.

Prior game dev experience with Unity/Unreal engine preferred.

Start Date – September 2020

Rapyuta Robotics is a young technology startup with offices in Japan, India and Switzerland with long term ambitions to develop a cloud robotics platform that will become the backbone of a new technology hub that unites hardware developers, software developers, businesses and end-users alike.