Focus on giving the right anti-biotics

ClemediAG is developing novel in vitro diagnostic solutions of infectious diseases, that can help the doctor to give a personalized antibiotic therapy. They achieve this by combining DNA sequencing with machine learning algorithms. Their first product is a diagnostic test for tuberculosis that recommends a precise therapy within 24 hours, which today takes several weeks. Their vision is to bring better diagnostics that will lead to improved patient outcomes and combating the rise of antibiotic resistance.

Why India?

Clemediis developing in-vitro Diagnostic tests to diagnose antibiotic-resistant infections (especially for TB). Since India accounts for ¼ of the global TB burden as well as the highest no. of drug resistant TB patients, the product is highly relevant for the Indian Market.

Clemedi at the Digital Health Week

Prajwal, the co-founder of Clemedi met with many potential partners during the week. swissnex curated the meetings with:

  • Corporate groups for investment opportunities
  • Startups for peer to peer learning and collaboration
  • Academic institutions for joint research projects
  • Governmental/Non-governmental organization for market knowledge and implementation support
  • Laboratories for sample access

What has been achieved?

Prajwal signed 3 NDAs and initiated several solid collaborations with prominent players to gain access to tests and samples.

“Being a Switzerland based company, it was hard to understand the Indian market for infectious disease diagnostics. swissnexIndia has done an excellent job in identifying the right people to talk to, which helped us to begin the journey of understanding the complex health care sector in India. After the week of intense meetings organisedby swissnexIndia, we are confident that there is a market for our products and can chart a course on developing the products to suit the Indian market as well as partner with Indian companies to bring the products to the Indian market.”
Co-Founder / Clemedi