Hear it from Archita Chaudhary, Alumni Ambassador

I am Archita Chaudhary, an engineer with interests in biotechnology and genetics. I hold a B.Tech degree in Biotechnology from Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel University, Meerut and an M.Tech in Chemical Analytics from Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee. I was a Masters exchange student at EPFL. In my current role at Cipla Foundation, I am committed to generate equitable access to healthcare in India. In the past, I have worked on developing long-term strategies, market assessments and designing implementation plans for multi-laterals, large non-profits and philanthropic organisations. I am an amateur chef and a Bollywood buff, I prefer a good sense of humour, travelling without a plan, and I am always ready for conversations over coffee.
Archita Chaudhary

The Swiss experience 

Best part of studying in Switzerland – the geography –  its postcard picture perfect. With its iconic mountains, historic castles and cathedrals, tranquil blue lakes, unruffled  pastures, best in class ski resorts, unbeatable public transport, Switzerland is spell binding with its rural charm and urbane sophistication. The country speaks English, French, German, and Italian, and is well connected to most European cities by an extensive rail network.

Switzerland is a perfect blend of traditional and modern. While the culture and heritage of each canton is well-kept and unspoilt, Switzerland will astonish you with its pace of economic development. The country is favourably entrepreneurial in attitude and practices. There is a certain “Swiss-way” of doing things – which is the most organised and planned way possible, and if you can ace it, life will be pretty easy-going at Switzerland.

Swiss universities provide an intensive and high quality education platform to keen and intuitive minds. Universities offer a plethora of courses and range of skill building activities. Scholarship opportunities, entrepreneurial attitude, varied research areas, diverse culture, well organised campuses, great facilities and supportive professors – Swiss universities check a lot of boxes.

Student life at your alma mater

EPFL is a wonderful place academically. The institute gives you an opportunity to interact with the best minds in their field, learn, collaborate and network with them. You will have an excellent time learning and unwinding.

Apart from laboratory work and spending time with friends in cafeterias, I diligently followed announcements from AGEpoly and ESN which are strong student communities. Both associations roll a calendar full of activities, excursions and workshops for a year, you can plan your breaks and get discounted tickets. I visited CERN, Geneva, vineyards and ski resorts by using the service. I also signed up for CULTURE to know about exhibitions, performances and music festivals.

As much as I take pride in going back to EPFL campus for a nostalgic trip, the city of Lausanne deserves no lesser mention. As a future student one will spend countless reading hours at Rolex Learning Center, joyful times and delicious brownies at Cafeteria L’Arcadie will be perfect to let off steam. For the science enthusiasts, there is CERN in Geneva, for art and music admirers there is Montreux, for wine aficionados there is Lavaux, and for chocolate addicts there are tours of chocolate factories providing free samples  – trust me, weekends will always be fairly occupied.

For future students there is not a better tip than “Soak it all in” – enjoy your classes and coursework, learn from experienced professors and sharp colleagues, participate in university activites (festivals, exhibitions and fairs, workshops, events, volunteering opportunities, research projects, travels and excursions), stay aware and informed, network (stay in touch, go to students events) and live the moments.