AIT 2019 Participants

Andrej Babic is a life sciences entrepreneur. He is the co-founder and CEO of Adiposs developing medical imaging products for early detection of cancer cachexia
Andrej Babic
Hi-D Imaging AG allows identifying the optimal heart valve for patients by in-vitro biomedical fluid dynamics analysis in a 3D printed silicone model, thereby enabling physicians to choose better fitting valves.
Ozge Karakas
Hi-D Imaging
Nanoglue harnesses cutting edge nanotechnology to improve skin transplantations. With just a single addition to the existing process, Nanoglue is capable of combating infections, decreasing inflammation and stimulating regeneration.
Tino Matter
Rea is developing the first non-invasive test for pregnant women to diagnose a risk of preterm birth whenever and wherever they want.
Erick Antonio Garcia Cordero
Magnes brings a magnetic multi-axis force sensing technology, key to measuring forces and effective rehabilitation, fast recovery, especially for orthopaedic/ neurological diseases or injuries of lower extremities.
Olgac Ergeneman
RisKlick AG aims to provide interactive decision making tools to assessing the likelihood of success of clinical trials. This aids biopharma companies, CROs and hospitals to accelerate and increase precision of clinical trial design.
Poorya Amini
C-MedTec is designing a monitoring and diagnosis helmet to help sport practitioners behave in a healthy way in case of brain concussion.
Hana Samet
FenX transforms mineral waste into high-performance and sustainable insulation for the building industry
Michele Zanini
Cocoboard is pioneering coconut-based fiberboard made of coconut husk and transforms agroforestry residues into bio-based materials. This has tremendous potential on the growing market of bio building materials, as well as the furniture and packaging industry in Asia and Europe.
Michail Kyriazopoulos
Ashish is developing an effective device to prevent pressure ulcers in bedridden patients and thereby reduce musculoskeletal disorders in caretakers.
Asish Mohandas
School of International Biodesign, AIIMS
Wissenkraft Labs is developing antibacterial micro-structured coating for orthopedic implantable surfaces to minimize the risk of aseptic loosening and infection.
Chinmay Khare
Wissenkraft Labs Pvt. Ltd.
Emertech is working with farmer collectives in India to empower farmers by providing them with end-to-end transparency, aggregate view of supply, and many other benefits using blockchain technology.
Gaurav Somwanshi
Emertech Innovations Pvt Ltd
PureScan is bringing a device for rapid, noninvasive and low cost detection of major food hazards like Aflatoxin, a serious health threat, Grade A carcinogen found in food.
Manasa Gonchigar
PureScan AI Pvt Ltd
Daskdan is working towards herbal renaissance to utilize it in delivering next generation herbal therapeutic solutions.
Naveed Anjum Chiken
Daskdan Biotech Solutions
Ayati is developing NEUMU (Neuropathy Measurement Unit) to screen neuropathic patients (who having no or minimal sensation) among diabetic patients at an early stage to prevent foot amputations which may range from toe to entire leg.
Nishant Kathpal
Ayati Devices Private Limited
We are extracting valuable bio-active compounds from fruit by-products via green extraction processes that could potentially be used in food, cosmetics, nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals
Shivali Banerjee
IITB-Monash Research Academy
Suteerth is developing a fast and objective eye screening device for children that is efficient, pocketable, affordable, and can be plugged on to a cellphone, tablet or any other computing device.
Suteerth Tripathi
Grand Dairy Tech is developing an integrated IoT solution for fertility management in milch animals. This is through devices installed at specific locations in the dairy farm, along with a management software for data insights and complete fertility score of the herd.
Kamalpavit Kaur
Grand Dairy Tech
QAWaCh is developing InstaNGAL, a quantitative bed-side screening for early detection and monitoring of kidney injury using an affordable and sensitive biomarker.
Rashmi Shukla
QAWaCh Bio Pvt Ltd.
Emuna is developing a novel therapeutic aimed at reducing corneal transplant rejection rates worldwide
Dr. Morgan Hunter Campbell