AIT 2018 Participants

An easy-to-use software solution for inspection using deep learning and machine vision for visual quality inspection.
Lucas Vandroux
Seamless breathability with materials through a new fully porous yet waterproof membrane which is fluorine free. Membranes or laminates are customised to the form the laminator or the textile brands require for product application. In 3D, this will be available as precursor and the application.
Mario Stucki
A high-tech hardware company that aims at marketing different products on its way to entering the fertility market, from novel microchips which can be used to create the next generation of magnetic resonance instrumentation to a full research instrument, based on our microchips, which can be used to analyze all kinds of samples at the embryo scale.
Gaurasundar Marc Conley
A malaria diagnostic enabling eradication campaigns by allowing population screening and detection of asymptomatic carriers with low infections.
Jonas Pollard
An operator of autonomous long endurance drones, equipped with laser scanner, cameras and more, to provide digitalized intelligence through data of critical infrastructure like power lines, acquired by powerful multi sensors.
Nicola Kyburz
An advanced oxygen sensor which continuously monitors oxygen levels in the brains of high-risk preterm infants as its consequences are the leading cause of death for children.
Alexander Nitsch
Predictive technology combining image analysis with machine learning models and computational fluid dynamics simulations to generate a personalized 3D model of coronary arteries to predict plaque progression, thereby providing recommendations for stent placement and treatment planning.
Nicee Srivastava
Affordable, modular and robust prosthetic hand solution for children and adults that facilitate better social integration and improve the quality of life for affected people.
Lukas von Tobel
Semiconductor IPs providing server class performance with ultra-lower power consumption ideally suited for computing on the edge.
Manu Nair
Smart Coating for Corrosion Protection
Karan Thanawala
Leotek Innovations
InstaSplint: First-aid device for instant and early immobilization of the fractured limb untill receiving medical help
Mayur Sanas
Skin spray gun: a device which sprays skin pieces on the wound, enabling large expansion of graft and fast healing of the wound
Saiprasad Poyarekar
Pacify Medical Technologies Pvt Ltd
C3 Fields Analyser (CFA): a portable and easy to use device for visual field testing, an important diagnostic test used by ophthalmologists and neurologists to detect diseases like Brain Tumours and Glaucoma
Sandal Kotawala
Alfaleus Technology Private Limited
Thermal drying assisted 3D concrete printing, enabling the printing of self-compact concrete.
Shashank Shekhar
Micob Pvt. Ltd.
A rapid economical point-of-care screening test for early detection of preeclampsia in pregnant women
Vaishnavi Kulkarni
Intignus Biotech Pvt Ltd
Avertu is a service provider for road safety improvements predominantly in a B2B2C setting that detects and predicts traffic accident hotspots in order to enable preventive road safety actions.
Benjamin Ryder
Fabrication of supercapacitors from bio-waste, to counter major problems of urbanization like increasing energy demand and waste disposal by using biowaste in fabricating electrodes of supercapacitors
Divyashree Arvind
BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore