Inspiring science enthusiasts

Arvind Padmanabhan, a participant of ScienceComm’17 India, said “Even if stories fail to improve understanding of science, it at least inspires people. Writing about science is not about giving readers all the answers. It’s about giving people a wonder of nature and inspiring them to explore it on their own.” Simplifying science is very much the need of the hour. With this thought in mind, We started a conversation on science communication in 2017.

ScienceComm’17 India was a one-day conference on the theme of “simplifying science for all”. We curated a content rich conference that examined every possible angle of science communication.

Over 150 science enthusiasts joined the conference to deep dive into topics such as the art of science writing, data visualisation, social media, photography, citizen science and music for conservation.

The participants were presented with new ideas and insights, and discovered new possibilities for themselves. “My interest in journalism found a new hope”, said Deeksha, a participant. Our speakers from Switzerland and India spent a day networking with their peers and learning about the trends in each other’s countries. The diversity of the content, expertise of the speakers and the interest and enthusiasm of the participants led to a day of inspiring exchanges.

Here’s how we simplified science for all –