Here's how we enabled Synple chem to accelerate drug discovery while reducing the cost by a whopping 70%.

A Synple solution for cost-efficiency

Chemical synthesis needs to evolve and adapt to the challenges of the future, and free itself from the restraints of laborious and time-consuming processes. New technologies must strive to provide safe, effective and productivity enhancing solutions. To address the challenges that come in the way of faster drug discoveries, Synple Chem, an innovative startup that’s making waves in Swiss medtech industry, developed an automated capsule-based synthesiser. This device enables researchers in Chemistry to achieve 5x times efficiency and 90% less wastage.

This pathbreaking invention has the potential to speed up drug discovery cycles and bring new medicines faster to the patients. While SynpleChem addressed some of the key challenges in the competitive drug market, they were posed with the challenge to procure cost-effective raw materials without compromising on the quality.

As a startup gearing up to internationalise, India was a ‘go-to’ destination for SynpleChem, to source specialty chemicals. Innovation, the abundance of raw materials, the growing demand from international markets and cost-effective production have led the Indian chemical industry to take the centre stage, in the last few years.

As an Innosuisse startup and an ETH Spinoff, Synplechem could easily access the swissnex network in India to further simplify their bulk procurement process. swissnex India connected them to leading players such as Stellence, Avigna, Anthem Bio, Jubilant, Sukrut Life Sciences, Sigma, etc. Thanks to this collaboration, Synple chem now sources most of the reagents used in cartridges from India, contributing to a significant 70% cost reduction for the end users.

India is very important to us for sourcing our raw materials. It offers many chemical contract manufacturing companies who produce in high quality at reasonable prices. With the help of swissnex India we were able to better understand negotiations in India and to establish contacts to several manufacturers.
Dr. Benedikt Wanner