Keeping up with science, tech and innovation in Asia

Over the past two decades, the Asian economy has witnessed a tremendous upsurge in trade, capital, demand, productivity, talent and innovation. While Asia’s economic growth is known and acknowledged around the world, the trends and developments in science, technology and innovation in Asia, and Switzerland’s engagement with Asia, is less known.

The swissnex Network in Asia introduces an online platform, nextrends Asia, that showcases trends and provides insights from their respective locations, namely, China, India, Israel, Japan, Singapore and South Korea. Additionally, nextrends Asia partners with the two Swiss Leading Houses responsible for bilateral S&T collaboration with Asia – ETH Zurich and ZHAW – as well as with the think tank, Asia Society, for content and insight collaboration.

The objective of nextrends Asia is, on the one hand, to highlight science, tech and innovation trends, particularly in the domains of health, energy, environment, deeptech and social innovation, and on the other hand, raise the visibility of Swiss-Asian partnerships, and inspire further collaborations. A plethora of writers and subject matters experts from the Swiss global network in Asia contribute to the platform with their insights. nextrends Asia is an offshoot of, published by swissnex San Francisco, that surfaces insights and ideas on the forces shaping the emergent future.

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About The Swiss network in Asia

The Swiss network in Asia collaborates with a broad spectrum of partners related to international research and innovation, supporting them in their outreach and active engagement in the global exchange of knowledge, ideas and talent.