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Responsive Cities are the new frontier in human settlement. Responsive Cities engage residents and prospective citizens from the very beginning in the planning and management of their habitat, based on Smart City technologies. This is made possible by taking advantage of new and abundant forms of data, new ways of exploiting data sets, new sensing technologies, and new possibilities for interaction among people, communities and their physical environments.

Fabien Clavier will present some on-going research projects led at ETH Zurich’s Future Cities Laboratory in Singapore. Researchers at the Future Cities Laboratory use technological advances to help citizens, communities and authorities understand the functioning of cities and the consequences of different planning options. By systematically exploring the practical potential of responsive cities, the researchers aim at providing answers to questions regarding the impact on society while offering design solutions for sustainable future cities.

About the speaker 

Fabien Clavier is an urban planner with experience in master-planning, smart cities and urban data projects. He is currently a Project Coordinator for the Big Data-Informed Urban Design and Governance Group. Fabien is interested in big-data informed urban governance and how urban stakeholders can benefit from big data-derived methods to increase transparency, accountability, and equal voice in planning.
Fabien Clavier



6.30pm :     Welcome by Sebastien Hug, CEO of swissnex India & Consul General

6.35pm :     Talk by Fabien Clavier, Project Coordinator of Big Data-Informed Urban Design and
Governance, ETH Future Cities Lab

7.00pm:      Discussion with Fabien Clavier &
Ashwin Mahesh, Founder Mapunity & Centre for Public Problem Solving
moderated by Nitin Pai, Director, The Takshashila Institution

7.45pm:      Networking dinner


For more details, write to Ruby Jabasini (ruby.jabasini@nullswissnexindia.org).