ScienceComm’17 India – Know your session!

At ScienceComm’17 India, we will present various facets of science communication to the participants. We have experts who are specialized in writing, designing, photography, data visualization, social media management, citizen science, science and arts, etc, presenting their insights and ideas through their sessions. Get to know whats in store for you –


Science Communication is a great thing – but it often challenging! In his session, Philipp Burkard, Director of Science et Cite & science communication enthusiast, will describe what seems to him the main challenges and questions of science communication and what his organisation Science et Cité works on in Switzerland.
Philipp Burkard
Evolution of Science Communication in Switzerland / Keynote Session
Anand is a data geek who loves to derive insights from data and present these as visual stories. Anand’s talk will explore some of the prevalent ways of visualising machine learning models. Machine learning algorithms are increasingly black-box models. However, their outputs are business data that humans need to understand and act upon. If a random forest model suggests a pattern of classification, how do we understand the dominant factors and the irrelevant ones? These topics fall under the umbrella of model visualisation -- where the inputs, process and output of machine learning models are the topic of understanding.
S Anand
Simplifying Science through Big Data Visualisation / Keynote Session
Anil is a renowned artist and a filmmaker who is enabling people to perceive nature as an art through photography. This piece of art would then be used to lead people to discover the power of Science that lies within it. In his session, Anil Annaiah will feature a series of Nature Art images captured from different habitats. These images will be featured with their little creative storylines. This will provide the opportunity to learn by experiencing Intrigue, Curiosity and Wonder. Participants will engage by stepping out, finding a nearby tree, flowers...and capturing it with their personal cameras or drawing sketches of their chosen subject to become creative art forms. The next step will be to develop the Citizen Science Storytelling nugget for each art image. Participants are welcome to bring their own cameras or mobile phone cameras to this session.
Anil Annaiah
Discovering Science Through the Lens / Breakout Session
Sandhya is a freelance science writer who loves astronomy and space. Sandhya will co-host a session on the power of social media for science communication with Nandita Jayaraj.
Sandhya Ramesh
Science That Trends Online / Breakout Session
Nandita is an independant journalist who has profiled women scientists across the country as part of her project, 'The Life of Science'. In this session, science communicators Sandhya and Nandita will talk specifically about their experiences using social media in their respective projects as well as expose the participants to recent examples of science communication via this media. Social media has opened up big science to audiences that were so far more-or-less isolated. While the information overload can be dangerous, it cannot be denied that social media is making sure that dissemination of scientific content is no more a one-way affair. If used right, social media can be one of the greatest nurturers of scientific temperament in a diverse, and sometimes confused, audience that is, at times, caught between its values and rationalism.
Nandita Jayaraj
Science That Trends Online / Breakout Session
Laura is a data scientist who specialises in visualisation of data. Her session will guide you, through collective exercises, to the creation of visually compelling communication pieces.Processing and remembering visual information is one of the fastest and most efficient cognitive process. This session aims at providing new perspectives on the creation of infographics and visuals for scientific communication. You will be invited to reflect on the role of beauty and utility for research and communication.
Laura Symul
Graphical Thinking for Scientists & Science Communicators / Breakout Session
Boris works as an art historian and curator. His keynote will focus on the intersectionality of science and art. The bridging of the arts and the sciences seem to enjoy a favourable momentum, with the proliferation of artists-in-labs residencies, hybrid PhD programs, symposiums and festivals. These endeavors, on the one hand, provide opportunities for much needed dialogues, mutual benefits and enrichment. On the other hand, they might fail to achieve their profitable goals and simply become an excuse to exploit one field or the other by forcing the respective practitioners into a role that is neither necessary nor beneficial to them. During his presentation, Boris will discuss some projects that exemplify interdisciplinary initiatives in mixed media arts and examine the challenges and the opportunities.
Boris Magrini
The intersection of Science and Arts: Opportunities & Challenges / Keynote Session
Tej is a startup mentor who has coached over 150 SMEs and LEs globally. Learn how to convert your research efforts into tangible and valuable outputs from Tej. This collaborative workshop will introduce simple frameworks for understanding how to identify the right needs, productise your ideas and take them to market.
Tej Pochiraju
Collaborative Product Development – Creating Value from Research / Breakout Session
Binoy has pioneered several citizen science initiatives in south India. His session will explore the potential of such initiatives and the pitfalls. Citizen Science (CS) is an excellent tool for communicating science and cultivating scientific temper amongst the members of various strata of the society. CS is beneficial for both laymen and scientists; former can get exposure to the methodologies of science and rigorous process of knowledge production by being the part of research programmes, while latter can utilize massive data generated by the volunteers for reaching inference, which otherwise may require huge financial and human resources. Binoy will introduce various aspects of CS and prepare participants to start a CS project in an area of their interest.
V. V Binoy
Citizen Science: Joining Silk Threads to Catch the Lion / Breakout Session
Seema is a Biomimicry specialist and is the co-founder of Biomimicry India Network. Her workshop with Prashant Dhawan will provide an introduction to ‘biomimicry’, a new discipline that looks at nature as a source of ideas, strategies and technological solutions to help solve human challenges. The discipline of Biomimicry is relevant and applicable at various scales, from developing non-toxic adhesives that emulate the microstructure of hair on a Gecko’s foot, to a high-rise building that emulates a termite mound's ventilation system for thermal regulation to urban systems that mimic forest eco-systems. During the workshop the participants will get to learn about the amazing patterns, designs and solutions in nature, play learning games and do some short interactive exercises as part of the workshop.
Seema Anand
Biomimicry: Finding inspiration in nature to identify sustainable solutions to human challenges / Breakout Session
Prashant Dhawan, a Biomimicry specialist and co-founder of 'Biomimicry India Network' with Seema Anand, will co-host the session on Biomimcry.
Prashant Dhawan
Biomimicry: Finding inspiration in nature to identify sustainable solutions to human challenges / Breakout Session
Through her session on science writing, industry veteran, Subhra, will present the opportunities and skills required for science enthusiasts to become bloggers or professional writers. Over the past few years, India has been witnessing a scientific revolution. A great deal of importance is being placed on advancement of research and innovation in various spheres of science. Our laboratories are now equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, boosting R&D and reverse brain drain into the country, which has, in turn, led to a steep incline in innovation within science. Creating scientific awareness through writing has never been more important.
Subhra Priyadarshini
The Art of Writing Science / Keynote Session
Music is an omnipotent language, not just for communication, but for implanting and preserving a message deep in the consciousness of the listener. Musicians have an obligation to use their art and make a positive difference in this world; change public perceptions and make people more responsible towards our planet. Shanti Samsara is a musical project created by Ricky Kej as a global heralding of conscious action. Initiated through a conversation with the Prime Minister of India, Ricky Kej collaborated with more than 500 musicians from over forty countries to show the world musically, that every individual is connected to an intricate web of consciousness which transcends space and time. Each individual life plays a crucial role in maintaining the balance that serves all in equal measure.
Ricky Kej
Music for the Planet: The right 'notes' for conservation / Finale Keynote


Please note that a participant can attend only one breakout session at a time.