Swiss Startup makes three-fold success

SmartAgri, a startup in the sector of agriculture and technology which was one of the participants in swissnex India’s Startup Tour Bangalore- 2014, is shining on all fronts. Dr. Vijayaragavan Viswanathan, Founder of SmartAgri says “swissnex startup tour was the first milestone that helped me a lot in framing my idea well.” SmartAgri has been selected as one among the top 150 innovators around the world. It stands 14th around the world and in the top spot in India, as published in the United Nations ITU website as part of their 150th anniversary.

SmartAgri also won the first prize in Swiss national finals business competition from Climate launchpad. For project specific info, click here. SmartAgri is one among the three startups who have been selected by TiE-IoT forum to present itself.

About SmartAgri

Indian agriculture depends upon the weather condition. Water scarcity has led to great decline in agricultural output leading to poverty. Suicide rate has increased among farmers due to the decline in agricultural yield. Cultivation land area is declining due to infrastructure development. So the need for more yield in lesser area while maintaining soil fertility has become the major problem for farmers. In order to overcome this, farmers need to use technology in agriculture which will support in effective utilization of resources (water, fertilizer, pesticide, etc.) at the right location and at the right time to enhance production and improve quality, while protecting the environment.

Currently drip irrigation is preferred over conventional methods (flooding method) to reduce the amount of water used. But the area between crop rows remain dry and receives moisture only from the incidental rainfall. The drip irrigation technique slowly applies a small amount of water to the plant’s root zone. Water is supplied frequently, often daily, to maintain favorable soil moisture condition and prevent moisture-stress in the plant with proper use of water resources. The key issue is a lack of feedback from the land to have homogeneity in irrigation methods. So we believe our technique could alleviate this problem by picking the best of drip irrigation and the best of wireless sensor network technology to create a new frontier in farming.

The young generation is less inclined to take up farming as an occupation due to the problems involved, such as, profitability, scarcity of water, electricity, labor etc. Agriculture also confines the farmer and family to the land due to the necessity for monitoring and watering. Bringing the farm in portable devices could create interest for younger generation to plunge into this field. SmartAgri addresses all the above problems by deploying Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) based real time farm health monitoring and control from anywhere anytime. SmartAgri brings saving in terms of fuel/electricity, fertilizer reducing carbon footprint and makes our world a better place to live”