When we ‘Construkt’ed

swissnex India was a strategic partner for Construkt Festival 2015 from 24 – 28 February. Construkt Festival has established itself as the mecca for startups and entrepreneurs in India. Just like the previous two editions, this year’s festival was attended by more than 2’500 people.

swissnex India organized three event platforms along the week:













1) The Fringe – Tuesday, February 24: Swiss Innovation Night, during which Swiss representatives in India demonstrated to 150 participants, why Switzerland is the number-one country in innovation and explained how can this be leveraged by Indians.













2) The Startup Crawl – Thursday, February 26: Putting Swiss innovation in practice with 3 Swiss startups on stage that showcased their own mobile app: Minsh (Barbara Maim), Smart Detection (Davide Merulla) and Crowdguard (Philipp Sunil Urech). The open office hours before the crawl saw some really meaningful engagement from the interested individuals, some of whom travelled from as far as Kochi to talk to Swiss startups

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3) The Finale – Saturday, February 28: Getting to know the innovation stemming from Swiss startups (Dizmo, Smart Detection, Crowdguard and Ideao), interacting with their representatives, understanding the challenges and opportunities of scaling out from India to Switzerland (with Satyadeep Rajan) and setting up a mini hackaton (on data canvas) with around 30 participants.

The main objectives and achievements swissnex was looking for through its presence at Construkt Festival can be summarized as follows:

  • Engagement of Swiss startups with their target audiences for promotion, recruitment, or validation
  • Raising the awareness about Swiss Innovation and the role of swissnex as facilitator between India and Switzerland to connect the dots in science, education, art and innovation;
  • Discussion of the opportunities and challenges of scaling out to Switzerland.

The weekly presence of swissnex at Construkt Festival was very well appreciated by the participants and was made possible thanks to Balz Strasser (Consul General of Switzerland in Bangalore and CEO of swissnex India), Vimal Nair (Swiss Business Hub), Raghuram Rajan (SICC), Dipak Mane (Buhler), Philipp Sunil Urech (Crowdguard), Davide Merulla (Smart Detection), Satyadeep Rajan (Perpetual Technology Partners), Jon and Barbara Maim (Minsh), ShashiKanth Bobba (Ideao), Marco Flueeler (Dizmo) and Benjamin Bollmann (Freelance science and technology communicator).

For further information on the above-mentioned Swiss startups, here’s a description of their respective missions:

  • dizmo: turns any digital surface into an immersive platform by seamlessly connecting digital and physical objects in the home and at the workplace.
  • Crowdguard: combines skill-building education and broadly available technology to prevent sexual and gender based violence (SGBV) by empowering citizens to help each other.
  • Ideao: brings world-class Entrepreneurial ecosystem to local engineering schools, whereby students are trained with essential business skills and are provided access to seed funding from international investors.
  • Minsh: provides a mobile app customized with a company’s brand, a messaging system for their user community and a private and dedicated social network.
  • Smart Detection: wants to bring to the market a tool empowering everyone to know how safe is the water and the food they are consuming.

swissnex India looks forward to Construkt next year!