SmartDetection @ Construkt Festival

What is Smart Detection?

Based on the natural capability of bacteria cells to sense their living environment, our technology allows for the production of portable test kits for pollution detection that are better in terms of sensitivity, costs and simplicity. We are now detecting arsenic in water and urine. But the same technology can be applied to many other types of pollution.


We are living in an environment that is getting more polluted by the day. For an issue to be properly addressed the most important pre requisite is to define it. We want to bring to the market, a tool that empowers everyone to gauge the safety the water and food they are consuming. Our technology can do that.

Why India?

Recent economic growth in India is impressive; people have access to a better life style, but are also exposed to increasing levels of pollution. We believe that soon enough the issue will be of major concern.  We are providing the government and the population a solution to assess this risk and pragmatically act against it.

About the entrepreneur

Davide Merulla

Davide Merulla has a Masters in biotechnology from the University of Bologna in Italy and a PhD in molecular microbiology from the university of Lausanne in Switzerland. For the last eight months he has been the project leader of SmartDetection, a spin off from his recent research in synthetic biology applied to the field of bacterial biosensors. Merulla loves skiing and mountain biking, and can speak fluent Italian, French and English.