A brilliant IDEAO to boost innovation at Construkt festival!

What is IDEAO?

IDEAO is an EdTech startup, focused on engineering schools in emerging economies. IDEAO brings world-class Entrepreneurial ecosystem to local engineering schools, whereby students are trained with essential business skills and are provided access to seed funding from international investors.


The key motivation for us was to build a global platform for technology, innovation and connect Engineering talent from emerging economies to leading innovation hubs (Switzerland and Silicon Valley).

Why India?

India is our number 1 market place, with over more than 35% total market share. India overall has about 5600 Engineering schools, with 4000 of them coming only from south India. It’s a huge market, majorly untouched, and we truly believe it’s a great opportunity for IDEAO.


Shashi Bobba CEO – IDEAO

About the entrepreneur

Shashi Bobba is an Entrepreneur and a Technologist with over 5 years of experience in Business development for Hi-tech and Service based startups. He has a PhD in Electronics Engineering from EPFL in Switzerland. As CEO of IDEAO, he provides leadership and vision to make IDEAO an international company and empower the global youth through innovation in Education.

Website: http://www.ideao.ch/