dizmo brings its innovative best to Construkt

What is dizmo?

dizmo is the Interface of Things. Our user interface software platform turns any digital surface into an immersive platform. Dizmo seamlessly connects digital and physical objects in the home and at the workplace. It supports orchestration and collaboration in an unparalleled way enabling any data to instantaneously be accessed on any surface, anywhere and made interactive. Dizmo brings fantasies as seen in Sci-fi movies such as Iron Man and Minority Report, as well as in Corning’s video ‘A day made of glass’ to reality, revolutionizing traditional methods of interacting with digital content and objects.


Existing user interface architectures were designed during the age of personal computing and optimized for fixed size screens, computer applications and windows-icons-menus and pointer (WIMP) type of interface devices. They have been stretched to adapt to mobile devices, touchscreen displays and smart equipment. They might still look reasonably handy on a tablet display, but they are inadequate to match the demands of digital convergence, virtual interaction and the needs of the Internet of Things, with the massive amount of content, data, services and objects to manage, from any source to any display.

Why India?

India is one of the largest and fastest growing economies in the world. It is also eager to innovate and has the largest set of world-class skilled software developers of the planet. The combination of this three factors can lift Dizmo to its next level, boosting its development and deployment and expanding its field of application and use cases. Succeeding in India will enable Dizmo to win on a global scale.

Marco Flueeler – Founder, dizmo

About the entrepreneur:

An emerging Swiss software start-up, invented to revolutionize the interaction between digital and physical things. Represented at the Construck Festival by Marco Flueeler, one it’s early and best software developers. For more information, visit https://www.dizmo.com/.