Crowdguard, the Swiss startup, comes to Construkt

What is Crowdguard?
Crowdguard aims to eliminate the barriers to bystander intervention in order to improve public safety. Crowdguard combines skill-building education and broadly available technology to prevent sexual and gender based violence [SGBV]. And if an emergency arises, Crowdguard empowers citizens to help each other.

95% of women and girls feel unsafe in public spaces of Delhi. These fears are based on gaps in infrastructure, one-sided usage of public spaces, and the experience that little help is available if SGBV occurs. Crowdguard aims to overcome the last factor through education and technology.

Why India?
SGBV is prevalent throughout the world. We chose India, and more specifically Delhi, as a launch pad due to the existing mind-share for the challenge, the young demography as we target behaviour change, the availability of technical infrastructure, urban areas with educated middle classes and low language barriers. Last but not least, the great choice of local foods – one needs energy to tackle big challenges!

Phillip Urech - Founder, Crowdguard

Phillip Urech – Founder, Crowdguard

About the entrepreneur
Philip Sunil Urech is a Swiss social entrepreneur with Indian roots. Following an open network approach he brings together experience and insights from conflict resolution, economics, feminism, security policy, media and social movements to initiate a new kind of purpose-community. For more information, visit