When art and technology converged!

Can art and technology complement each other? Or are they two separate fields of study that can never converge?

swissnex India wanted to address these very questions when it brought together an artist and a robotics expert to talk about and demonstrate their work. The event, titled, ‘Convergence of Art and Technology’ was opened to the public on 6th November 2014. A mixed group of people, including designers, artists, engineering students, etc, took part in the program.

The two experts, whom we invited for the program were Bangalore based artist Aparna Rao and Prof. Einar Nielsen from NTB University of Applied Sciences, Buchs, Switzerland.

Aparna Rao, part of the artistic duo of Pors and Rao, creates sculptures and installations, often working with behaviour, response patterns and performative movement. Ms. Rao gave a demonstration of her installations at swissnex India on the 6th and 7th of November. She gave a brief yet engaging talk on ‘Constructing Mechanical Lives’ where she described the thought and emotions associated with her installations.

The audience were both amused and inspired by her unique perspective on things and the manifestation of those perspectives in the form of art installations.

While Ms. Rao’s talk highlighted the technology that can be used to create art, prof. Nielsen’s talk focused on the art in technology. Prof.

Nielsen is a robotics enthusiast who has created over 30 robot systems in his career span. These include robots that facilitate highly complex medical surgeries to ones that provide algorithms for car parking. His talk titled ‘The Art of Robot Design’, gave details of how an amateur robot enthusiast can build his own robot.

The talks and the demo’s helped establish the fact that there can indeed be a confluence of art and science/technology and when brought together, they can create wonders!