Data Canvas – Sense your City

The Data Canvas is a joint venture by swissnex SF, Lift, and Gray Area. The first edition of the Data Canvas was launched as an international online challenge to create innovative visualizations by using public transportation data sets from the cities of San Francisco, Zurich and Geneva, with the goal of strengthening the global open data movement, and engaging governments and citizens around urban questions using data.

By opening up government data to the public, the first challenge of the Data Canvas Initiative brought cities and their citizens closer to each other. In 2015, we are going one step further, empowering citizens to gather their own data with the use of open-source, Do-it-yourself (DIY) environmental sensor technology.

The swissnex network will function as a hub for outreach within seven cities: San Francisco, Shanghai, Boston, Singapore, Bangalore, Rio and Geneva (Lift Events), and the challenge will culminate in a public data visualization exhibition in Geneva for the winners.

Throughout seven cities, using open, private, and citizen data, this initiative will facilitate a civically engaged dialogue through academic partnerships, community outreach, and online challenges, resulting in in-depth research and civic impact. Please join us.

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Cover image: Carbon Visuals, Some rights reserved