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Switzerland is a hub for excellent education and science. It has outstanding universities with numerous programs, many world-class public research institutions, and a thriving private sector which encourages research and development and conducts its own cutting-edge research. Whereas undergraduate programs are usually taught in the main national languages (German, French, Italian), master's degree and Ph.D. programs are increasingly conducted in English. The quality of life is among the best in the world. Excellent infrastructure, safety, and political and economic stability are all good reasons why Switzerland is a great place to study and conduct research.

Switzerland has the following types of higher education institutions:

-        Universities and Federal Institutes of Technology: and

-        Universities of Applied Sciences:

-        Universities of Teacher Education:

-        Special institutes and private institutions


For more information about studying or conducting research in Switzerland:

The portal myScience gives an overview of sciences, employment, funding opportunities, research fields, universities and other research institutions in Switzerland. provides also practical information about research mobility and living in Switzerland. For more information:


List of Universities and Federal Institutes of Technology


The main aim of the Swiss Universities and Federal Institutes of Technology is teaching and basic research. These institutions offer world-class bachelor, master, and Ph.D. degrees, as well as several Master of Advanced Studies and continuing education courses. The two Federal Institutes of Technology of Switzerland are among the top 20 Institutes of Technology of the world; commonly known as EPFL and ETH Zurich. All institutions are largely publicly funded (80% on average).


List of Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS, Fachhochschulen)


The Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences provide a practice-oriented education and offer a wide range of bachelor’s and master’s programs, as well as Master of Advanced Studies and continuing education courses. They place a stronger emphasis on practice-orientation, as well as applied R&D. All institutions are largely publicly funded (80% on average; except the private UAS Kalaidos and Roches-Gruyère).


List of Higher Education Institutions for Tourism and Hotel Management


The Swiss hotel and tourism sector enjoys an outstanding international reputation. Furthermore, Switzerland hosts some of the best known publicly funded as well as private education institutions in the fields of tourism and hotel management. Because of their international approach, their study programmes are mostly conducted in English.



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